Astral began on a biodynamic farm. In a lot of ways, we still try to operate like a farm. Only now we’ve got two farmhouses (HQs), one on each coast, and have over two decades of history disrupting the outdoor industry.

Our Journey


Philip Curry, Astral Founder + CEO, sold his first business to Patagonia, traveled and then became a biodynamic farmer. A question lingered: Could he protect more land and water by farming a small farm, or by getting back into the outdoor equipment business?


Astral began on a biodynamic farm outside of Asheville, NC in the headwaters of the Rocky Broad River. Astral introduces four life jackets made from PVC alternatives; recyclable polyethylene, phthalate free NBR, air and organic kapok.


Astral sponsors the 7 Rivers Expedition. In memory of Charlie Beavers, the TDub crew completes every major High Sierras river expedition in one season for the first time.


Within 3 years of introducing our PVC-free life jackets, the entire life jacket industry follows Astral away from the use of toxic PVC.


Astral discontinues the use of highly toxic chloroprene (aka Neoprene). Astral Introduces Airscape as a patent for the world’s first breathable life jacket. Astral Introduces Foam Tectonics™, which sets a new paradigm for fit and performance amongst whitewater paddlers. Our infamous GreenJacket and BlueJacket use this technology.


As the last PFD factory to leave the USA, our founder moves to SE Asia to live next to the factories that built our products and learns how to make shoes.


Serving a critical need for better performing river footwear, Astral introduces 4 ultra performance shoes named for the working class of Porters, Bakers, Brewers, and Rasslers. They all use 5.10 rubber, ~70% less glue, and no heat to manufacture. Kayakers and raft guides destroy them. Astral’s first shoe, the Brewer™ wins Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award.


After 3 years of testing to surpass the high benchmark set by 5.10, Astral introduces our proprietary compound, G Rubber™, in the outsoles of our shoes.


Astral introduces the Loyak™. Raft guides, kayakers and minimalist shoe enthusiasts immediately fall in love with its low volume, high performance, superlative grip and chilled out looks.


Astral’s Loyak™ is awarded Best Water Shoe of the Year by Outside Magazine. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Jennifer Phar Davis discovers the TR-1 shoe series and becomes a loyal advocate.


Acutely aware of the quantity of plastics that end up in our rivers and oceans, Astral switches the majority of our shoe’s upper materials to hemp or 100% post-consumer recycled materials.


Astral completes the rigorous third-party certification process to become a bluesign® System Partner and introduces the most environmentally friendly PFDs on the market; Ceiba™, V-Eight™, E-Ronny™ and E-Linda™. All featuring the world’s first 100% recycled bluesign® approved PFD shells.

Astral archetypes, Nouria Newman and Aniol Serrasolses, win Female and Male Riders of the Year. It is Nouria’s fifth consecutive year winning Rider of the Year.

Astral opens their Seattle Headquarters and moves to a new office in Asheville, further cementing their coast-to-coast presence in the industry. 

World record breaking big wave surfer and waterman, Garret McNamara learns about Astral’s use of hemp in shoes and becomes an ambassador and advisor.


Astral introduces the PFD Sandal™ and Webber™, which combine the secure fit of industry leading life jackets with the outsoles from the world-renowned Loyak™ water shoes. Freedom for your feet.

Outside Magazine’s Summer Gear Guide names Astral’s Rambler™ the best shoe for ‘Trail-To-Town”.


Outside Magazine names Astral’s Pisgah the Best Women’s Hiking Boot for Wet Hikes in the 2023 Summer Gear Guide.


Astral expands its bluesign® Life Jacket Collection with the YTV 2.0™, the world’s first freestyle life jacket made with a bluesign® approved, 100% recycled shell.