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Astral’s Archetypes

We make gear for the people who inspire us. For those who push the limits of what’s possible. Who demand the absolute best equipment and put it to the test in the most extreme environments. These are the individuals who innovate at the intersection of athletics, art and craft. Who perform at the highest level while lowering their environmental impact.

These are Astral’s Archetypes…

Meet our Ambassadors

Billy Meredith

"I felt like I wanted to do something that seemed near impossible to me. Something that scared me a bit, in the best way."

Benny Marr

“I like the practice of breaking things down into smaller pieces.”

Jennifer Pharr Davis

“Show up and care.”

Aniol Serrasolses

“I try to keep my eyes open and a flexible mind so I can learn a bit from everyone.”

Nouria Newman

“The river has taught me that there is way more to life than just kayaking.”

Drew Chicone

"Every trip you miss is one you’ll never get back"