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Introducing the Indus™

Introducing the Indus™, the world’s first freestyle-inspired high float life jacket.

Long Trail Prep with Jenn Pharr Davis

The record setting thru-hiker, businesswoman, mother, speaker and author shares five steps to a better thru-hike.

Dr. Clara Stroud Interview

Part of a wilderness athlete’s quest for flow state involves building strength, living a healthy life and staying in close contact with their body. To get some pro tips, we connected with Dr. Clara Stroud, DPT, CSCS and owner of The Everyday Athlete.

Flow State with James Shimizu

Whitewater kayaker, James Shimizu, shares his thoughts on Flow State.

Steiner x Nature x Buoyancy

On December 24th, 1919, the legendary Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture about Nature in Stuttgart. Fast forward to 2002 on a biodynamic farm in the headwaters of the Rocky Broad River. Steiner’s findings informed the name and trajectory, force and velocity of a mass known legally and publicly as Astral Buoyancy...