Winter Solstice

With short days and long nights, Winter Solstice, is for many, a time of reflection on what Nature has provided throughout the year.

The arrival of Winter Solstice holds a powerful transition from dark to light.

With short days and long nights it is, for many, a time of reflection on what Nature has provided throughout the year. A few of our friends share their perspective on the solstice’s power and its impact on their own actions.

Living in Colorado has renewed my internal celebration of the winter solstice. The cold, snow blanketed mountains remind me of my gratitude and the winter solstice marks the lengthening of the days and the start of winter for me to enjoy our beautiful home in all of the seasons.

– Carrie Schlemmer

Boats, bikes, Buena Vista, CO – Carrie gets out into Nature, in and out of the water during all seasons.

A time to reflect and be with family
Slow down and just be
Be present, be humble, be thankful
Let your mind be free
Share stories, winter stories
Reconnect, with the land
Reconnect, with loved ones
Feel the soil with your withered hands
Acknowledge the past
Acknowledge the present
Let this day last
Set your intentions
For the future
And without question
Stay true, to who you are

– Colleen Cooley

Diné asdzáá,  Kinyaa’áanii nishłí,  Shonto & Blue Gap, AZ, Desert girl at heart,  Trail runner,  Raft guide, Facilitator – Colleen takes her gear on guide trips and dusty desert hikes and any additional adventures that find their way to her.

The Winter Solstice usually means new beginnings for me and goodbye to an era in time.

It’s generally right before Christmas and New Year so it’s significant in its timing. It marks the shortest day of the year, which I think some people aren’t the biggest fan of. There’s this nervousness in the air as the year comes to an end. I think people are usually ready to open the next chapter in their story and I think that the Winter Solstice can be a time of healing. Through the centuries, it has been a time of rebirth after death. This marks a point for plants to wilt and die, which will eventually lead to new seeds spreading. Winter Solstice is meant for keeping my heart and intentions open for the next year. I like to think of it as the biggest rapid on a river I’m running. The river being the year and the Solstice being The Big One. Once I’ve hit it and made it through, I have a sense of relief but also reflection. In the end, it can be a bitter sweet time of the season.

–  Ash Manning

Raft guide, adventure living, loving and more than moderately funny. Ash Manning keeps it as real as it comes and we are always delighted to follow along on her adventures.

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