Stakeout With Nicole And Nouria

By Nicole Mansfield and Nouria Newman.

Stakeout; it’s all-around epic – the whitewater, the company, the drives, and sometimes the weather.   After a mere month of exploring Eastern Canada’s infamous spring ice melt fueled rivers and creeks, we certainly can’t claim to be Stakeout connoisseurs, but, for what it’s worth, here are our recommendations for Top 10 Stakeout Essentials. 

#1 – Hot Beverages – Pack a jetboil, thermos, and copious amounts of hot chocolate, tea, or whatever else suits your fancy.

#2 – Snacks – It might be sunny, but it’s bound to be cold. Whether you’re surfing until you can barely roll, waiting in a line amongst wave surfing gangsters, or recuperating on the sidelines, you’ll probably be battling the cold and your body needs plenty of fuel to do this.    We found croissant-wrapped S’mores to be a real sticky crowd pleaser.

#3 – Warm Kayak Gear – Style doesn’t matter.  Pogies, mittens, and skull caps of the full storm hoody variety are most necessary.   A couple of days I even wore a wool neck gaiter under my drysuit.  You look ridiculous, but so does everyone else. (Well, atleast everyone else that is warm enough.) 

#4 – Even Warmer Dry Gear – Frigid kayakers have to warm up somehow.  

#5 – Astral Loyaks – They fit in your playboat.  When your fingers are frozen like fish sticks you don’t want to be trying to get your footwear on and off.  

#6 – Monopoly Deal – The car might breakdown, you might wake up in a snowstorm, you might be chilling “staking” something out, or you just might be exhausted.  Addictive entertainment helps.

#7 – Spotify – Be prepared to spend a good bit of time in the car.  Long road trips go well with music.  If you want an out to lunch late night special from the gals (Anna Bruno, Nouria Newman, Darby McAdams, Anna Wagner, and myself), check out the ‘Stakeout 2018’ playlist.

#8 – Embrace Dirtbaggery – Parking lots, bridge pull offs, and the sides of roads will be your new comfort zones.   If it’s sunny, lie out in the road like a lizard and soak it all in.  

#9 – Tim Hortons – Know where the nearest one is at all times.  At any given time, the one closest the prime feature may have become kayaker social hour.  Timmy’s is an invaluable source of information, drinking water, a dry toilet, and of course doughnuts.   

#10 – Overnighters – With a playboat?  Yea, why not?!  Overnighters are always a win.  You can surf until it’s dark and take laps in AM golden hour between sips of coffee.   

#11 Non-Essential – Your Yeti Cooler

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