Our Newest LE Is In Honor Of The Green River


Mark your calendars as we release our Limited Edition Heron GreenJacket in honor of the Green River. Sign up for our emails (in the footer) to be the first to know.

The Green River has shaped the Astral brand and employees in more ways than we can count. In the early 90’s, our founder and president, Philip Curry, was among the first few groups to run the Narrows consistently. Our Product Line Manager, Daniel Windham, Sales Manager, Bryan Owen, and our former GM, Yonton Mehler all honed their Class V paddling skills on the Green. That list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface!

So it is with great pride that Astral presents our latest LE Heron GreenJacket which honors the Green River and the communities served by its waters. The design reduces its environmental impact by repurposing fabric and materials leftover from previous PFD productions. A heron embroidered on the back panel of the jacket honors the true keepers of the river and the spirits they represent. Astral will donate 10% of the LE Heron GreenJacket proceeds to the Green River Access Fund to help fund the future parking lot and river access on Gallimore Rd. 


To the Cherokee, Catawba, and Native Americans who have called the Green River home. To the Green’s early pioneers Jim Holcombe, John John Kennedy, Tom Visnius and Bob McDonough. To the name makers Eric Nies, John “Chief” Kulka, Mark Zwick. To those who followed in every craft imaginable: kayaks, C-1s, OC-2s, rafts, and Topo-duos. To everyone who took their first boof stroke off Bayless’ Boof. To those who were introduced to the river at Fishtop. And to those whose lives are centered around and have been shaped by the Narrows. 

Here’s to everyone who’s helped enable another run by shuttling a stranger back up to the top. To everyone who genuinely encourages and helps motivate those hiking out from the Upper. Here’s to Wayne Gentry and everyone featured in Green Summer. Here’s to everyone who was on the river that day we paddled for Daniel DeLavergne. To everyone who’s taken someone down for their first time. Who’s passed along some beta, knowledge or wisdom. To the Green River Access Fund and everyone who’s bought a Green Key. To anyone who’s installed or changed out a rope to portage Sunshine. To the Women’s Green River Takeover! To anyone who’s ever lined up at high noon on the first Saturday of November. To those who’ve hiked in to support a friend or loved one. And to everyone who’s worked hard behind or in front of the scenes to make that day happen. 

Here’s to warm weather cartwheels in Bride of Frankenstien. To the beauty of Whale Tail. To clean lines through Go Left and Die. And to the existence of the Squeeze as a much needed alternative! Here’s to the eddy above Pencil Sharpener and smooth seal launches back in above Scream Machine. Here’s to the Notch Eddy, avoiding the Garage Door, and that experience / view of the entire world slowing down for a split second while levitating off the Launch Pad. To everyone who’s caught the Birthday Eddy on their special day. Here’s to Speed Trap for keeping us honest. To getting tubular or airing it out at Groove Tube. To the rock below Sunshine for fostering community. Here’s to that exceptionally good rock spin rock. You know the one! To the Colonel Dicks boof at 200% and the Green River Locals eddy. To clean lines and downtime at Hammer Factor. 

And here’s to Gerald DeWitt Mills Jr., Brian Rueff, and Matthew Ray.

Thank you Mamma Green. We wouldn’t be the same without you.

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