Nouria Newman: A Force Of Nature

Kayaking legend Nouria Newman is interviewed by Natali Zollinger, host of Eddy Out podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear Nouria’s first memories of the river and how her professional path has taken directions she never expected. Nouria is an expert of her craft and excels and everything she puts her mind to. Although she’s won trophies and set records, Nouria is far more than just her accolades. You’ll discover her accomplishments on and off the water and how much she values her commitment to honesty no matter what task is at hand. We even get to hear from Nouria’s mom about her proudest moments as a parent. 

Nouria recently became the first woman to drop a 100-footer when she descended Pucuno Falls. For over a decade, Nouria has proven she can compete with the best kayakers in the world and she is also incredibly down to earth and welcoming to the sport. With a masters in journalism, she has endless stories to share. 

So take a seat and enjoy this inspiring conversation with Nouria Newman.

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