Can a PFD be repaired?

We cannot advise you to perform any repair or modification to a lifejacket as it will void the United States Coast Guard certification.

What is the difference between a Type III and Type V lifejacket?

A Type III PFD has a zippered or buckled front closure and provides a minimum of 15.5 lbs of flotation. They are intended for general use near shore by a conscious person. A Type V lifejacket is a catch-all category reserved for “special uses” (for example work vests, pullovers,etc.) The GreenJacket, YTV, and AirBelt are […]

How do I properly inspect my lifejacket and when should it be replaced?

We recommend an annual inspection of the life jacket at the beginning of every season. During this inspection, visually check to make sure there are no holes or obvious tears in the fabric or seams. Physically check the hardware to make sure the zippers, buckles, and webbing are in good condition and function as intended. […]

How do I use a rescue lifejacket?

Before being able to properly use a lifejacket for rescue purposes, it is essential to receive proper training in swift water rescue. These courses are offered by the American Canoe Association and Rescue 3 International. We do provide a short user manual with our GreenJacket which covers some applicable uses and techniques. However, this is […]

How should I clean and store my lifejacket between uses?

Proper care and storage of your lifejacket between uses will help to maintain its structural integrity and buoyancy. We recommend washing your lifejacket by hand with a mixture of mild detergent soap and warm water. A nylon bristle brush is helpful to break up the stains. Do not use a household top-loading style washer with […]