Eddy Out With Brittany Parker

Brittany is our social soul sister. She rides the wave of her most current adventure and somehow finds time to blog, write and post about her adventures in between spans of no internet and no cell service. Her message isn’t one of commercialization, instead, it expresses how Nature and her connection to it make her feel. The disconnect, the river and nature are the fuel of her fire. She’s also got a soulful smile and mean forward stroke.

Astral product of choice: You mean I have to pick one!? Impossible! I love the Loyaks for the river. I’ve been getting back into running and I just love the TR1-Mesh trail shoes. 

Favorite river: It’s a tie between Colorado and the Zambezi.

Estimated number of bootie beers drank: Well, as a stand-up paddler, we swim a hell of a lot so we only drink bootie beers when we do something totally kooky or as an initiation. I’d have to go with a very unimpressive or impressive (depending on which way you look at it) four.

Go-to life hack?: Sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots. It’s no secret, but it’s a hack I rely heavily on.

Most dangerous shit you’ve ever done: Stand up paddle down the Zambezi River.

Now playing: Connie Constance ‘Answer’

Taco or burrito: FISH TACO!

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Next trip planned: Traveling around Africa with my primo lady Nadia Almuti

Would you rather have Cheeto hands or the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth for the rest of your life?: Popcorn Kernel for sure!

If you could drink a beer with any human (dead or alive) who would it be?: Not Famous: My Cousin Peter 
Famous: Henry David Thoreau

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