Father’s Day Gift Guide

From seafarers to camp dads, we’ve compiled a list of dad gifts for the nature-loving father in your life.

Dad Gifts Curated by Astral Dads and Moms

Dads shape our lives in more ways than we’ll ever know. Perhaps that’s why they’re so hard to shop for!? We asked the Fathers of Astral (and a few Moms) what dad gifts they have on their dream list this year. From the Seafarers to Camp Dads, we’ve compiled a list of dad gift ideas for the nature-loving Father in your life.

Person walking through shallow river pulling a blue raft boat and wearing Astral Webber sandal Water Blue
Gareth Tate


Astral Ringo Ocean Blue
Side Entry PFD for All Conditions

Astral Ringo

Fair Trade Certified Board Shorts. Outerknown Boardshorts.
Fair Trade Certified Board Shorts

Outerknown Boardshorts

Astral PFD Sandal Fire Orange
The Ultimate Water Sandal

Astral PFD Sandal

Unseen Sunscreen Supergoop! SPF 40
Sunscreen That Doesn’t Look Like Sunscreen

Super Goop Unseen Sunscreen

Person in a sun hat looking over the teal blue ocean. Sailboats in the distance.
Regina Nicolardi


Astral Webber Sandal Water Blue
The World’s Most Capable Water Sandal

Astral Webber

JBL Spear Gun
Sawed Off Magnum Speargun

JBL Spear Gun

Astral Sturgeon PFD, Fishing Life Jacket, Storm Navy
Our Fishing-Specific Life Jacket

Astral Sturgeon

Oru Coast XT Sea Kayak White
Folding Sea Kayak

Oru Coast XT

Bajio Paraiso Sunglasses
Plant-Based High Performance Sunnies

Bajio Paraiso Sunglasses

Philip Curry, Astral Founder + CEO

“Pretty sure if my Dad or I got this kit we’d be thrilled, and you may never see us again.”

Photo of a lush forest with the light peering into over a campsite with a small fire and a person leaning up against a tree enjoying a moment of peace.
Eric Parker


Astral Rambler Granite Gray
The Ultimate Mountain Sneaker, as seen in
Outside Magazine’s 2022 Summer Buyers Guide

Astral Rambler

The James Brand Redstone Knife
The Best Knife You’ll Ever Own

The James Brand Redstone Knife

Astral PFD Ceiba Water Blue
Our Most Comfortable (and environmentally friendly) Life Jacket

Astral Ceiba

A Mug From A B Corp. Blue Miir Tumbler.
A Mug From A B Corp

Miir Tumbler

Astral Da Beers Trucker Hat Birch Gray
Astral’s Da Beers Mesh Trucker Hat

Astral DaBeers Mesh Trucker

Table Salt, Bug Shooting Shotgun
Plastic, Table Salt, Bug Shooting Shotgun

Bug A-Salt 3.0 Freedom Edition

Bryan Owen, Astral Sales Manager

“ I am at war with some gnarly stinging insects over here at the homestead, and spraying pesticides is not my jam.”

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