Why Run

In allowing myself to feel my heart is splayed open
You can poke and prod it
I will feel everything
There will be no numbing this time
Why numb when you can feel? 
Why run when you can move slowly through this world
and see everything?
Like the snow blanketing the Earth gently, 
wrapping her in a soft embrace. 
Like the dew dripping from the leafs of a forest exploding with life. 
Why run? 
There is a beauty in the pain and suffering
When we finally allow ourselves to see ourselves
to confront all that has hurt us
you find a power
A power that could only live in something true
LIke the sun
Like the moon
Like a fire clearing a forest making way for something new. 
A rebirth
Why run? 
We can not know what the future holds
nor should we try  
But we can learn what keeps us bond and tied
Like a secret built around fear
Or one too many whiskys
We can seek solace in the arms of a stranger
Taking comfort in Knowing you’ll never have to see them again
You’ll never have to answer questions like
“What was your childhood like?” or
“Where do you see yourself in five years?”
The pain of my past has been holding my future hostage
When we finally allow ourselves to feel
The past becomes our foundation and the future remains unknown
but the present becomes our everything
And your presence is your light
So, why run?

– Brittany Parker

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