The Next Step In Sustainable Lifejackets

In 2002, the idea for Astral came to founder Philip Curry like a sign from the universe. 

He had sold his first lifejacket company and become a biodynamic farmer in his mission to live a sustainable life, but as he sat on his tractor, plowing the fields of his North Carolina farm, he was struck by a thought: what if the best way to conserve soil and water was through sustainable product development? 

Just like that, Astral was born and Curry was back in the gear game.

Ever since that day, Astral’s mission has been to make the highest-quality, best-performing outdoor gear, while conserving the maximum amount of soil and water possible. From leading the charge against toxic PVC foams and phasing out neoprene in the mid-2000’s, to embracing hemp and recycled petroleum while reducing glue and heat used in production in the 2010’s, Astral has vowed to put Nature First since day one, and has a proven record of environmental innovation. 

Now, Astral is proud to announce their commitment as a bluesign® SYSTEM Partner, the latest milestone in their decades-long path towards sustainability.

Founded in 2000, bluesign® helps equip brands with sustainable textile supply solutions. Through strict criteria and analysis for on-site system implementation, the bluesign® SYSTEM reduces the textile industry’s impacts on people and the environment, ensures responsible use of resources, and guarantees the highest degree of consumer protection. By committing to the bluesign® SYSTEM, Astral is promising to be held accountable for their impact on people and Nature at every step of the production process.

Earlier this year, Astral launched four new PFDs, each featuring a bluesign® approved shell made from 100% recycled polyester–the first of its kind. The Ceiba is currently available at retailers nationwide. The E-Ronny and E-Linda (currently exclusive to REI) will be available online at and at retailers nationwide starting in July. The EV-Eight (currently exclusive to L.L. Bean) will be available online at and at retailers nationwide starting in September.


The path towards sustainability can’t be walked alone. Brands like Astral need responsible partners like bluesign®, as well as conscious consumers who demand better. There’s still work to be done, but Astral is taking the next big step, and we’re taking the rest of the industry with us.

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