How To Install Your Super Strap™ /////
Take the flip out of your flop

step by step

Start by removing the rubber rectangle from the Super Strap™.

Begin threading your Super Strap™ through the sandal.

Pro Tip : Ensure the buckle is facing down (towards the ground), and is thread the Super Strap™ through the sandal, starting from the outside threading in. 

Thread the Super Strap™ through both openings on the sandal.

Reattach the rubber rectangle.

Pro Tip : Slide it most of the way down the Super Strap™ toward the sandal.

Thread the Super Strap™ through the buckle.

Pro Tip : Start, by threading up (from the bottom) through the outer most slot of the buckle, then down through through the inner most slot of the buckle. (In this case, inner and outer refer to the foot / sandal. So in this photo, inner is to the sandal’s left / top.)

Now you're ready for some 4x4

Pro Tip : Thread the excess length of the Super Strap™ through the rubber rectangle to keep it out of the way.