Summer Solstice by Nicole McNamara

Nicole McNamara shares how to step into the light of the June Summer Solstice.
There are two types of people…

Summer people and winter people. It’s not to say you can’t enjoy both seasons, but at our core one feeds our soul on a deeper level.

Person diving off a stand up paddle board into clear water with forest and mountains in the background. The text Summer Solstice is overlayed on the image.

For all the summer folk out there the June Solstice is the official start of summer and is marked by the longest day of light out of the entire year.

On an external level this is a great day to enjoy all our outdoor pursuits for a little extra time. It’s a day to celebrate LIGHT! It is a return to light after the darkness of winter.

Nature has a way of teaching us so many lessons.

When we observe and listen we can find more ease and flow in our life. So as the Earth is letting in more light, it is a reflection for us to do the same. It is a perfect opportunity for us to let our internal light shine a little brighter, a little stronger and to acknowledge the light in others.

Moments of Contemplation

All of these planetary events are offering moments of contemplation and introspection. Each one of us has unique gifts to offer ourselves, our immediate community and our global community. What part of you have you been keeping in the darkness? What part of you is ready to shine and bring more light to the world? If you turn off your thinking mind and just listen to your heart and gut, what are you wanting to create and offer? Remove all fear of judgment from others and let your true light shine, just as the sun shines without worrying what everyone thinks of her.

Offer Up Gratitude

Summer Solstice can also be a great time to offer up gratitude for all that we have. We are being given these extra hours of sunlight! What a gift! That in itself is abundance and something worthy of gratitude. Remember to share your gratitude with everyone you are grateful for. Life is a blink of time and we never know when we might not have a chance to express our light, our love or our gratitude. So this Summer Solstice let the light in, let your light shine bright and share it with all of those around you.

Close up of foot stepping onto dirt ground, feet wearing Astral Loyak AC Olive Green. The photo is upside down with the text Summer Solstice overlayed.
Nicole McNamara headshot
Nicole McNamara

Nicole McNamara has a Masters of Education in Environmental Science and Founder of the non-profits, Vital Living and McNamara Foundation. Together, she and her husband, big wave surfer, Garrett McNamara, are raising their children Tiari, Barrel, Theia and Fe.

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