Nature First: Hemp

Nature. It’s a no-brainer for Astral to put it first when it’s truly what drives our business decisions, product design and lifestyle. Without Nature, clean water and wild places to play, our world would be a different place. It’s what inspires the Astral team to call in “sick” on any given day when the rivers are running high, the swell is up or it just dumped 10’ of fresh powder.

To Astral, #NatureFirst means supporting the environment on a daily basis and choosing brands and products that are produced while reducing harm to our planet whenever possible. Strengthening our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint, we’ve introduced a line of hemp products including the Hemp AstroPad for dogs and the Hemp Donner and Tinker. Our hemp footwear are the highest performing, environmentally sound, vegan lifestyle shoes to hit the outdoor market. We’re proud to offer these eco-friendly options and hope they continue to elevate your experience in Nature!


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