King Of The North Fork Championship

The North Fork Championship VII’s iconic Elite Division Race on Jacob’s Ladder exposed the talent of the best kayakers in the world on an amazing piece of whitewater offering a spectacle that is unmatched in the sport. Among past NFC Kings, former Olympians, expedition legends, and whitewater racing gurus, just thirty from over a hundred kayakers qualified to battle it out. Each athlete got two laps on the racecourse, though only the fastest time counted for their result.

Battling through the world’s most chaotic and difficult, extreme slalom course, Aniol Serrasolses, takes the crown as this year’s King of the North Fork Championship! We’re so proud of this determined, humble and talented human we get to call family.

Aniol says, “This must be the most important and emotive moment of my career as a professional athlete. Sharing the podium of the biggest extreme kayaking race with my brother is a dream come true.” 

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