Give Her Silence

Title: Giver Her Silence 

Words by: Brittany Parker

“Give her silence 
A rich and fragrant silence 
Because she needs time below the surface 
Where she can sit in wonder 
Of all that is wonderful about the natural world 
Where she can listen carefully 
To a birds song 
To the rustle of palms 
And the lapping of the river at her ankles
Give her silence 
So you can feel what its like 
To see the world 
As she does 
Unencumbered by wants  
Thriving strictly on what is 
She doesn’t need to alter her mind 
With drink 
Or with drugs 
To see the Earth, the Jungle, the Sea 
As what they are 
A part of her 
A part of you 
And a part of me 
Give her silence 
And eventually 
You too, might see 
She will love you more
For who you are in the stillness
Than what you say to drown it out 
Sit with her 
And let your body melt into 
Every sound and sensation 
Until the silence becomes 
Full of all you’ve ever wanted to say”

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