Gear to Beat the Heat: Astral Staff Picks

Astral staff picks of the best gear to beat the heat this summer both on and off the water.
Summer is here

Astral makes outdoor gear that elevates your experiences in Nature.

It’s no surprise then, that our staff spends a lot of time outdoors, even when the temperature suggests the air condition may be more comfortable. So as the thick of summer approaches, we polled our staff to find out what gear they are using to beat the heat and stay cool, on and off the water.

Collage of photos: Birds eye view of two kayakers paddling a flat section of the river. You can see the lush forest at the edge of the photo. EV-Eight Water Blue layered on top.
Head shot of Bryan Owen, Astral Sales Manager

“The EV-Eight is the absolute best recreational PFD option for paddling in warm environments. Breathable Airescape™ technology is a cooling system that works exactly as intended, promoting air circulation to help regulate a paddler’s temp on hot days.”

Bryan, Bonsai Tree Enthusiast / Sales

Collage of photos: sunset scene over a river with fluffy clouds in the sky. Three silhouetted kayakers stand near their boats to watch the landscape. Layered on top is a photo of Astral Webber Rapid White.
Headshot of Thor, Astral Customer Service Representative



Breathable, comfortable, and perfect for going from the water to the brewery.”

Thor, Whitewater Kayaker / Customer Service

Collage of photos: Person hiking through a lush forest over a rock field near a river and water fall. Layered on top is a photo of Astral TR1 Mesh Rainshadow Blue.
Headshot of Emily Murray, Astral Accounts Lead



“I love the TR1 Mesh for a summer hiking shoe option due to its awesome breathability and lightweight design. It’s perfect for hitting any kind of trails in the Southeast during the warmer months when all the extra heavy duty gear isn’t necessary.”

Emily, Appalachian Mountain Hiker / Accounts

Collage of photos: southwest landscape with dramatic red rock cliffs and a river below. In the distance you can see a paddler. Layered on top is a photo of Astral PFD Sandal Water Blue.
Headshot of Baylor Manning, Astral Accounts Lead



“I love the security and comfort of the PFD Sandal especially when getting in and out of the water with my SUP.”

Baylor, SUP Enthusiast / Accounts

Collage of photos: cliff of red rocks and photo of two SUP paddlers and one pack rafter floating down a flat river. Layered on top is a photo of Astral PFD E-Ronny Fire Orange.
Astral Jason Michelotti team



“When it gets hot in Austin, everyone heads to the river. When I’m out there, I need a life jacket with pockets for everything I want to carry but don’t want it to make me sweat more than I already am. The Ronny and Linda do the trick with ample storage and Thin Vent™ technology along the spine. Plus, the E Series version decreases its environmental impact.”

Jason, Dark Sky Aficionado / Marketing

Collage of photos: Northern California landscape with lush greenery, dirt areas, and ocean in the background. You can see a hiker in the distance. Layered over top is a photo of Rambler Granite Gray.
Headshot of Philip Curry, Astral Founder and CEO



“The Ramblers are the best summer sneakers maybe ever. With the grip G Rubber provides, the RV Grip outsole tread pattern and the way hemp sheds heat, they’ve become my go to for any day I spend in Nature with mixed terrain.”

Philip, Cascade Mountains Adventurer / Admin

Collage of photos: Person on a SUP board paddling down a river in the Southwest smiling and wearing Astral PFD E-Linda Soil Tan. Layered on top is a photo of Astral PFD E-Linda Soil Tan.
Headshot of Caitlin Bjornstad, Astral Community Manager



“Color, fit and comfort is the trifecta of winning summer gear. The E-Linda is truly a PFD I never knew I needed (and loved). With friends stopping by all summer to enjoy Bend, the adjustability is key for comfort and sharing. Bonus points for its sustainable creation, which leaves no trace of chemicals behind in the river.”

Caitlin, Deschutes River Resident / Community

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