Furry Best Friend, Meet The AstroPad

The beloved AstroPad returns! The exterior is made from our shoe’s Hemp/PE canvas (naturally odor and rot resistant, and extremely durable). The removable and luxurious pad is made from a blend of our lifejacket foam scraps and PE fill. Guaranteed to bring your dog sweet dreams.

Gear Junkie recommended the AstroPad in their Emerging Gear Column, and Outside recently featured the AstroPad in its list of 11 Items of Dog Gear You Need. Editor Wes Siler says, “Giving dogs a safe, comfortable spot to call their own helps them calm down at bedtime and gives them somewhere to hide out if activities around the house get overwhelming. Astral’s AstroPad is filled with chunks of foam life jacket scraps and features a hemp canvas exterior that’s durable, odor-resistant, and easily washable.”

Send us your Astral adventure dog/cat photos at photos@astraldesigns.com so we can feature them in our Facebook album here.

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