Eddy Out With Nicole Mansfield

“Her friends sometimes call her Queen Beater but if you ever get the chance to paddle with Nicole Mansfield you will realize that she is nothing but one of the very best paddlers out there. She is steezy and she can be super fast but she is just too humble to admit it. Her love for the outdoors and the river is true. She values adventures with friends, quality whitewater, overnighters missions over any competition – and she is damn right !” -Nouria Newman

Favorite river: Little White Salmon

Estimated number of bootie beers drank: holay…..It wasn’t a tradition where I learned in college or I might be in the triple digits 

Most dangerous shit you’ve ever done: that’s unclear…Nepali bus rides seem serious contenders

Favorite Astral product: TR1 Junction

Now playing:  …. still playing Katy Perry & Tupac

Taco or burrito: Burrito all day

Subscribe to this podcast: The Hammer Factor

Next trip planned: Nile & Zimbabwe with World Class

Would you rather have cheeto hands or the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth for the rest of your life?: …or what about orange peel hands & pulp teeth? I think I’d take the kernels.

If you could drink a beer with any human (dead or alive) who would it be?: Lulu Jull

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