Eddy Out With Mike Tavares

From surf to skate and everything in between, Mike can shred it. Spending more time on a board than on solid ground, Mike has honed his skills and developed a name for himself in the River SUP scene.  Searching for swells and high water, he lives on the road with his companion and co-captain, Shred Dog.  Off of the water, Mike has been pushing the boundaries of his newest hobby, the OneWheel, with Shred Dog chasing his tail.  Follow Mike on Instagram: @rivershred to stay tuned with his latest adventures.

Astral product of choice: Brewer – Favorite shred shoe of all time!  

Favorite river: Gauley – Upper for playboating, Lower for Sup and surfing

Estimated number of bootie beers drank: At least a 24 pack of PBR….Fortunately the SUP scene hasn’t caught on yet, so my mouth has been tremendously cleaner since 2012!

Go-to life hack?: All my vehicles are packed and ready for any adventure and camp-ready for at least a week at a moments notice.

Most dangerous shit you’ve ever done: I’m a pretty cautious person by nature, which seems wild to most people.  I guess in terms of reality, prob the 35 cross country drives I’ve done over the years…In paddling, SUPing blind down class IV.

Now playing:  Hot Water Music, Built to Spill, Bluegrass Channels on Spotify

Taco or burrito: Taco…hard shell if possible (taco bell has them ingrained in my mind since childhood). Breakfast Burrito when in Cali!

Subscribe to this podcast: WFT (Marc Maron), How Stuff Works, The Daily Zeitgeis

Next trip planned: Got a couple Self Support Kayak trips with inflatable surfboards planned in the west as well as some big SUP self support flat water/whitewater trips coming in 2018….stay tuned to Rivershred.com for some more info. 

Would you rather have cheeto hands or the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth for the rest of your life?: Being a slight hand washing freak, the Cheeto hands would drive me to insanity in a day….Bring on the popcorn teeth!

If you could drink a beer with any human (dead or alive) who would it be?: Jerry Garcia…seems like a great dude to have a beer with and just talk about random things! 

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