Eddy Out With Benny Marr

One of the funniest guys we know and one of the world’s top paddlers, Benny Marr got his skills from surfing big water rivers…he loves big water. He can often be found naked in and around rivers driving his truck from river to river. He’s from the Sister-Land of Canada and we are proud that Benny chooses to wear Astral. His favorite shoe is the TR1 Junction, great for kicking his BFF (Rush Sturges) in the pants on a regular basis. No contact info for Benny, he’s out to lunch. 

Favorite river: Mistassibi River, Lac St Jean QC

Estimated number of bootie beers drank: 10

Go-to life hack?: Currently, Russian kettle open fire cooking system

Most dangerous shit you’ve ever done: The Congo River

Favorite Astral product: GreenJacket

Now playing:  Svefn-G-Englar – Agaetis Byrju

Taco or burrito:  I like making arugula and spinach salads, with fresh tasty veggies, big chunks of raw beets, some cuc’s balsamic/tahini/or a lemon vinaigrette. Love getting some purple cabbage in there as well.

Subscribe to this podcast:  How I Built This by NPR is pretty good

Next trip planned: Fingers crossed for Pakistan Indus rally with the boys. Next expedition I am planning is in Canada’s Subarctic. I’m going wave hunting up there.

Would you rather have cheeto hands or the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth for the rest of your life?: Popcorn Kernel

If you could drink a beer with any human (dead or alive) who would it be?: Roald Dahl

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