Eddy Out With Aniol Serrasolses

Originating from Catalonia, Spain, Astral athlete and world-renowned kayaker, Aniol Serrasolses has earned all kinds of respect on and off the river throughout his career. He pushes limits in the sport and still remains a badass humble guy. Team Manager, Julie Bacon, caught up with Aniol after his first descent through the Scimitar Gorge in Canada.

Favorite river: The Indus in Pakistan, the Stikine in BC….Love them all !!

Estimated number of bootie beers drank: 30+

Most dangerous shit you’ve ever done: Running a 90 footer blind?? Swimming some class 5 rapids at the Stikine alone and using a drybag as my flotation device?? Some other that I cant tell… hehe

Favorite Astral product: The new TR1 Merge coming out next year…They are amazing!!

Now playing: Alexander Ebert, Truth

Taco or burrito: Tacos

Subscribe to this podcast: Been listening to Rich Roll, pretty interesting nutrition stuff!!

Next trip planned: Pakistan with an all-time crew of legends!!

If you could drink a beer with any human (dead or alive) who would it be? My buddy Juanito.

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