Featured Story
The Gorge, From Dawn 'till Dusk: With Benny and Nouria

Early mornings in river towns evoke a particular kind of rise and shine. One that is not forced or battled but rather welcomed with anticipation of what the day will bring.

Whitewater Portraits with David Zickl

David Zickl, Whitewater Photographer shares his joy for making guide portraits, lessons from the river and how culinary school adds to the experience.

Astral Donates $13,810.50 to the Green River Access Fund

We’re proud to announce that Astral has donated $13,810.50 to the Green River Access Fund.

Benny Marr on Managing Fear

Benny Marr on handling fear before he runs something big, which he refers to as something that scares him.

Foam Tectonics

Inspired by the radical mobility of freestyle kayaking. Foam Tectonics™ allows a life jacket to twist and turn with the movements of the upper body, while securely staying in place around the torso.