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Trusting Nature

Archetype and thru hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis shares why she puts her trust in nature.


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Four Tips For Rainy Day Foot Care

I’m writing this blog on a rainy – and I mean torrential – day from the comfort of my couch, however, any time it rains like this, with raindrops pounding the ground and a forecast that predicts 100% precipitation for days on end, I always think of the hikers and backpackers who are walking through...

6 Tips For Keeping Kids (And Adults) Happy On A Hike

by Jennifer Pharr Davis “Mom, are we there yet?” “How far is it?” “Where are we going, anyways?” “Do we have any snacks?”  “I’ve gotta use the bathroom.”  “I’m bored!” Family road trip? Well, yes. But these are also the same lines we hear on the trail when we go hiking with our kids. For the...

Interview With Jennifer Pharr Davis

She was 21 when she first thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. That was 17 years ago. Since then, Jennifer Pharr Davis has hiked more than 14,000 miles on 6 different continents, achieved the fastest known finish of the AT (46 days, an average of 47 miles a day), and achieved her goal of hiking in all 50...