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Long Trail Prep with Jenn Pharr Davis

The record setting thru-hiker, businesswoman, mother, speaker and author shares five steps to a better thru-hike.

Dr. Clara Stroud Interview

Part of a wilderness athlete’s quest for flow state involves building strength, living a healthy life and staying in close contact with their body. To get some pro tips, we connected with Dr. Clara Stroud, DPT, CSCS and owner of The Everyday Athlete.

Planning A Backpacking Trip with Katie Gerber

Katie Gerber, co-author of Adventure Ready : A Hiker’s Guide to Planning, Training & Resiliency, provides a framework for planning your trips as well as instructions on exactly how to research likely conditions.

Tips for Solo Backpacking

Internationally celebrated adventurer, author, mother and business owner who set the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail.

Trusting Nature

Archetype and thru hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis shares why she puts her trust in nature.


We created a Summer Buyer's Guide to help you prepared for every type of water-based adventure in nature.