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The Venture Out Project

The Venture Out Project is a nonprofit leading the way to provide a safe and fun space for queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ people to experience the outdoors.

A Quality of Imagination

Filmmaker Caleb Roberts worked with Astral Ambassador, Benny Marr, on a short film titled Quality of Imagination. The film offers a very different perspective on Benny’s style and outlook. Especially when compared to previous films Benny has starred in that feature laser shooting pandas and firework...

Brewer™ - The Origin Story of Astral Footwear

Astral began transforming the PFD industry in 2002. Less than a decade later, we revolutionized the water shoe. We sat down with Astral’s Founder + CEO, Philip Curry, and Sales Manager, Bryan Owen to discuss how the popular Brewer™ and Brewess™ became the origins of Astral footwear.  Astral Why...