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What’s the Difference Between Hemp vs. Polyester?

In the textile world, choosing the right fabric often involves weighing various factors, from comfort and durability to cost and environmental impact. Two prominent contenders in this arena are hemp, a natural fiber with a storied history, and polyester, a synthetic fiber that dominates the modern apparel...

What’s the Difference Between Hemp vs. Bamboo Fabrics?

In the realm of natural textiles, both hemp and bamboo have established themselves as frontrunners, gaining popularity for their versatile properties and environmental benefits. They are praised for their performance characteristics and practical applications. However, understanding the nuances between...

Aniol Serrasolses' Private Stikine

Aniol Serrasolses on the Stikine, solo kayaking, and Class V scrambles.

Indus™  //  The Making Of

After over a decade of prototype testing, working with whitewater legends on the banks of the highest volume rivers of the world, the Indus™ is ready to usher in a new era of buoyancy.

Indus™ Walkthrough with Benny Marr

Of all Indus™ testers, Benny Marr put early versions of this high-float PFD to the lengthiest and most rigorous challenges. Benny utilized and provided feedback on prototypes for over three years on high volume rivers all over the world. First on his home river, the Ottawa. Then during the massive...

Indus™ Review w/ Andrew Holcombe

Andrew Holcombe shares his thoughts on the all new Indus™.