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We created a Summer Buyer's Guide to help you prepared for every type of water-based adventure in nature.

Brewer™ - The Origin Story of Astral Footwear

Astral began transforming the PFD industry in 2002. Less than a decade later, we revolutionized the water shoe. We sat down with Astral’s Founder + CEO, Philip Curry, and Sales Manager, Bryan Owen to discuss how the popular Brewer™ and Brewess™ became the origins of Astral footwear.  Astral Why...

Meet the GreenJacket

Straight from the source. Learn more about Astral’s GreenJacket with Astral’s Founder and CEO, Philip Curry, and Product Line Manager, Daniel Windham. This conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity. Let’s start with just the definition of a rescue PFD (personal flotation device). What...

Four Tips For Rainy Day Foot Care

I’m writing this blog on a rainy – and I mean torrential – day from the comfort of my couch, however, any time it rains like this, with raindrops pounding the ground and a forecast that predicts 100% precipitation for days on end, I always think of the hikers and backpackers who are walking through...