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How To Clean Your Shoes

Follow our in-house 8 step process for keeping your kicks clean.

Gear Recommendations from our Staff

We’ve pulled a few of the All-Stars here at Astral and sat them down to learn a little more about the people behind the products. You know… fav piece of gear, walk out songs, Nature. The hard questions. Here’s a peak behind the scenes, and what piece of Astral gear they can’t live without…


Originally used in life jackets in the 1920s and 30s, Kapok was found to be a lighter and more comfortable alternative buoyancy to cork. 

Astral Donates $13,810.50 to the Green River Access Fund

We’re proud to announce that Astral has donated $13,810.50 to the Green River Access Fund.

Foam Tectonics

Inspired by the radical mobility of freestyle kayaking. Foam Tectonics™ allows a life jacket to twist and turn with the movements of the upper body, while securely staying in place around the torso.