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Winter Solstice

With short days and long nights, Winter Solstice, is for many, a time of reflection on what Nature has provided throughout the year.

Garrett McNamara on Breath Training Techniques

By Garrett McNamara Astral began in class V whitewater where staying calm underwater is an essential survival skill. We’ve always admired surfer’s extensive experience remaining comfortable in extremely chaotic water. So we caught up with Astral ambassador / big wave surfing legend, Garrett McNamara,...

Summer Solstice by Nicole McNamara

Nicole McNamara shares how to step into the light of the June Summer Solstice.

The Next Step In Sustainable Lifejackets

In 2002, the idea for Astral came to founder Philip Curry like a sign from the universe.  He had sold his first lifejacket company and become a biodynamic farmer in his mission to live a sustainable life, but as he sat on his tractor, plowing the fields of his North Carolina farm, he was struck...

Wildfire Relief

Wildfires continue to wreak havoc across California, Oregon, and Washington, threatening homes, businesses, and lives all along the West coast while destroying thousands of acres of forest. To help combat this threat, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you find a way to assist those in...

Why Russia?

Top 5 Reasons // Exactly What I Did and Didn’t Expectby Nicole Mansfield Initially, my goal was to inspire kayakers that were fantasizing and creating summer paddling plans to consider embarking on a paddling trip to Russia by sharing my top 5 reasons for going, many of which are based off of my somewhat...