Balance in the Rocks

Life on earth is full of downward forces.

The atmosphere itself presses down on us, and gravity is constantly pulling us downward. Studying in school, working a job, and/or building a family…the downward pressure can really build up.

Thankfully, there is an equally present, but less obvious force that counters gravity and that we love. The force of Buoyancy.

The first time anyone flies, weightless above rocks in a kayak is profound. It is so cool to “break the spell” of gravity and wake up to the world of buoyancy. Cascading smoothly down a clear mountain river over and between massive rocks, carried by the upward force of buoyancy, unlocks a whole new way of being on earth. While kayaking, a more buoyant, fully balanced mental state arises. You find yourself in what’s known as the flow state.

When you get hooked on buoyancy and the flow state, you may seek it every day. Go ride your bike as fast as you can down a gnarly trail. Or run downhill through a rock garden. Consider that without the buoyancy of boats, tires, and shoes, life would be a lot less fun.

Don’t think about it too much. Just trust that the force of Buoyancy has you perfectly balanced in the rocks.

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